The Youth Opportunities Uncovered Project

The Youth Opportunities Uncovered (Y.O.U.) project seeks to reduce child labour and financially empower unemployed rural youth. The project is co-funded by the Learn4Work programme, which focuses on technical and vocational education and training in Africa and is coordinated by Edukans. Edukans works on improving and enriching education in both the Netherlands and in developing countries by for example exchange programmes and training. Edukans’ goal is for children young adults to be able to actively contribute to shaping their own future and participating in society.

Farming as a Business for Rural Farm Families

This project seeks to sensitize farm families to view agriculture as a sustainable business and shift them from subsistence farming to farming for profit. We do this by building their capacity in entrepreneurial and management skills using a "learning by doing" approach to improve their knowledge, change their attitudes and enhance their skills toward improved farming. Our support includes micro and small business development, value chain activities and connecting them to markets. The training puts small farms on an enterprise plane, while providing tools for proper management, leading to increased productivity and profitability by putting more money into the pockets of rural farmers.

Micro loans for Financial Inclusion of Disadvantaged Groups

This project provides poor households with access to the working capital they need in order to begin moving out of poverty. We do this by training women and youth groups on ‘table banking’, which is a popular group-lending model in Kenya. We support the groups to establish their own revolving fund, which on-lends money to members at a fixed interest rate. We are also piloting an innovative financial solution for such groups known as, Micro Loan’ which provides members with access to customized products using an ICT platform.

Training on Value Addition

This project provides our clients with various technical skills to support them in the production of consumer products (e.g., soap and detergents, bread making, and briquette making, etc.). Through our collaboration and partnership with technical experts in both the public and private sectors, we avail demand driven training that provide small producers with opportunities to explore alternative income generating activities to improve productivity and increase profits. Value addition trainings have created new product service lines, enhanced competitiveness, business survival and created employment.


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